Having an problem with your toilet can be a big inconvenience, especially if you only have one bathroom. Let’s face it, the bathroom gets a lot of use in a house, especially with a large family, toilet maintenance and repair is inevitable.

Small Toilet Repairs

Fortunately most toilet repairs are minor, they usually inlcude fixing clogs or fixing a running toilet, even replacing the whole toilet for a new model isn’t so bad. We can have you up and flushing quickly and at a reasonable price.

Small Toilet Clogs

If your plunger has met it’s match, give us a call at (518) 488-9977, we can help fix your toilet clog.  Small clogs usually require the use of a “snake” to break through the obstruction and allow the water to flow freely, while we are there, why not have us inspect the toilet seal for leaks and install a new seal.

Toilet Tank Repairs

The toilet tank is usually maintenance free for years, but there are three things that usually go bad on a toilet tank.

Toilet Fill Valve Assembly photo
  • Ballcock or Fill Valve: This fills the tank with water.
  • Flush Valve: This releases the water stored in the tank to flush.
  • Toilet Flush Handle: Used to flush the toilet, it is connected to the flush valve to release the water into the tank.

The tank itself will usually last a lifetime, and only an issue with the connecting seal or if the tank itself is damaged by impact. These other parts usually wear out, break or need periodic adjustments to keep working properly.

Major Toilet Fixes

Sometimes toilet repairs can get a bit more involved, but not to worry, Petra Plumbing & Heating has repaired thousands of toilets across the capital district; we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Call Petra Plumbing & Heating is for worry free toilet repairs.

Leaking Toilet Issues

Leaky Toilet Flanges

One of the more common larger toilet problems we see include undetected leaks under the toilet, usually due to a faulty wax ring or bad toilet flange seal, this can lead to the rotting of your sub-floor, which if not addressed can break the toilet flange and connecting pipes, and even worse yet, you could end up with a toilet falling through the floor!

Corroded Sanitary Elbows

Other leaks are often due to corroded copper or lead elbows. After years of use and the acidic nature of urine, copper and lead eventually develop holes on the underside, leading to a small drip (that eventually becomes bigger) that leaks into the ceiling or if on the first floor, into the basement.  Copper and Lead connections are often connected to heavy cast iron pipes, and in a perfect world, we will be able to install a hub and swap the copper or lead elbows for corrosion resistant PVC or ABS soil pipe. More complicated copper/lead to cast iron repairs will require part of the cast iron pipe to be cut first.

Major Clogs

Unlike clogs due to toilet paper and organic buildup in the pipes, hard objects aren’t so easy to unclog.  If a hairbrush, toothbrush or other hard object like one of your kids toys ends up getting flushed, they can end up getting lodged in the pipe and then block everything from flowing as it should.  If you notice a slow drain of the toilet, constant backing up that wont fix with a plunger, you may have a major toilet clog.

Toilet Flange Replacement

Toilet wax ring  Removal and flange replacementYour toilet sits on top of a flange, older homes with older plumbing this flange will be made of cast iron, steel or brass, these flanges eventually corrode and wear out, especially if you haven’t periodically replaced your wax ring. Often we can just cut or un-solder the old flange and fit in a corrosion resistant PVC or ABS plastic flange, if not the whole elbow may need replacing.

If you have a newer home or the flange has been repaired, the flange will already be made of corrosion resistant PVC or ABS plastic.  This doesn’t mean it is immune to problems. Improperly installed flanges can lead to seal issues that can cause a major structural problem with your sub-floor.

If you are thinking about adding a new floor and the floor height will be changing it is recommended you update the flange to adjust for the new height.

New Toilet Installation

If you are just looking for a fashion upgrade for the old toilet or to increase water efficiency or improved flush, Petra Plumbing & Heating can help. We will make sure that the flange is properly set, a new flange seal is installed and the toilet is seated and bolted to the floor properly.

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