Are you considering switching to a high efficiency tankless water heater or boiler? Many homeowners are taking advantage of the cost savings, space saving and the convenience of endless hot water for their families.

Why Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Most homes still use an old clunky tank to heat their water, this technology is over a hundred years old and efficiency hasn’t improved much either, it’s bad for the environment and can cost you over 30% more every year.

How Old Tank Water Heaters Work and Cost $$

Traditional tank hot water heaters waste energy by heating water all day while you aren’t even home. You set the temperature, and the storage tank keeps that water at that temperature by heating and re-heating the same water, using gas (natural gas or propane) or even more costly, electricity.

As hot water is used by washing machines, dishwashers, and bathing/showers, cold water enters the tank at the bottom replacing the hot water used, the water heater continues to heat the water, and because traditional water heaters can’t keep up with demand, this is when your hot water “runs out”, not a fun time if your the last one in the shower.

How to Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Navien Tankless Water Heater
  • Tankless water heaters work “On Demand”, whey you open a faucet or turn on the shower, the unit detects the water flow and begins heating the water.
  • Pre-heated, circulated water will supply the initial hot water or after a few moments the water will begin to warm.
  • As water passes through the system it is pre-heated and a final heating to provide the necessary hot water.
  • Heating of the water happens over and over again until you turn the how water off, providing you with “endless” hot water.

How to Tankless Water Heaters Save $$

Tankless water heaters save you money in more than one way.

  1. Tankless water heaters are 24 – 34% more efficient.
  2. Tankless use less energy (gas or electricity) as they don’t waste engergy heating the same water all day.
  3. Lifespan – Tankless water heaters can last more than 20 years, almost double that of a traditional tank.
  4. Space Savings – Use more of your available real estate in your home.
  5. Warranty – Our Navien Systems have a 15 year warranty, most tanks only carry a 6 year warranty.
  6. Tax Credits & Incentives – Get money back with Government Tax Credits.

We Install Navien Tankless Water Heaters

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Petra Plumbing & Heating specializes in installing Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters, a leader in the tankless water heater industry since 2006.

If you’re tired of running out of hot water or wasting money on high energy bills, it’s time to switch to an ultra high-efficiency tankless water heater. Ready to make the switch and start saving? Give us a call at (518) 488-9977!